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This Arwut Groin Guard GG2 is designed to protect your most precious asset ie your family jewels. Even if you are not planning to have anymore children, you still don’t want to be kicked in the nuts. Oh the sheer pain and agony!

Although it is not allowed to hit your opponent’s nether region during combat sports, you should still use it during a sparring session or training, in case there is accidental contact down there. At the competition level, you’ll want to protect them manhood because you can’t risk being momentarily crippled and rendered useless, giving your opponent the chance to attack you. In Muay Thai, there is also lot of grappling work so this will guard against contact made to your crotch when you are pushed against one another.

  • Material composition: high quality steel cup reinforced with high density foam lining using PVC leather.
  • Hand-crafted and made in Thailand using the highest quality materials.
  • Stretchy and comfortable elasticated waist strap, 5cm wide.
  • Hook & loop Velcro closure at back for easy wear and take off.
  • Available in Black in S, M, L or XL size.

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